Jesse Benjamin: Done Is Better Than Perfect

Frame Society had the honor of hosting comedian and filmmaker, Jesse Benjamin, for a candid (and hilarious) discussion of his creative process and career thus far.

Having honed his comedic chops everywhere from Comedy Central to the Upright Citizens Brigade, Jesse most recently parlayed his skills into a gig with the CineFix channel as writer/animator/director of the web series I’D WATCH THAT.

In regards to getting things done, Jesse adheres to the simple mantra, “Done is better than perfect.” He also credits much of his success to surrounding himself with people working just as hard as he is.

“My two greatest motivators in life are shame and obligation.”

Though his talk was peppered with laughs, Jesse’s succinct and pragmatic advice are sure to ring true for many of us and will prove just as useful to us as it has been for him.  Once again, we’d like to thank Jesse Benjamin for taking the time out to grace us with his presence.

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  1. Chris Do

    Great job on this video. Jesse is such a riot.

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