Allen Martinez: Director’s Workshop

Our very first workshop meeting was lead by commercial director, Allen Martinez. Garnering numerous spots, Martinez possesses a film school background from Art Center College of Design.

The workshop focused on the directing process, bolstered by live performances with actual actors. Attendees learned effective ways to handle performers, witnessing firsthand the impact different directions made between takes, and how they affected the performance and story.

Allen emphasized the importance of ‘doing your homework’ before going to the set, using your imagination to fill in the backstory and subtext of the script so that you can more capably guide your actors during the creative process.


Thanks again to Allen for gracing the packed house at Frame Society. Read more about Allen and see his work at

For information about Allen’s Audition Workshop for Actors, contact Dave Wo.

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  1. Thanks guys for putting this together. I missed it live, but this was great to see… and how great was it that God denied the guy wearing the “I dress myself” shirt for wearing sneakers?

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